The Teleimpresores company dedicated to the repair and sale of electronic components, choose the remodeling, packaging and recycling operations center. The original building consisted of a series of standards, building typologies which corresponded to standard homes, those which had undergone various modifications over time. It detects a functional problem solving, interference functions, which in the course of time were incorporated without proper planning, so we’ll deposits, administrative sectors, area sales, technical services operate haphazardly, leading to a high cost of operation and a significant degree of deterioration and collective motivation of staff.

As architectural elements in a first stage sort arises various functions, creating appropriate spaces. Demolitions are proposed sub sectors used, opening into these spaces permanent workplaces, regulating natural lighting and ventilation properly.

This proposal led to better performance and sustained growth of the company due to better use and exploitation of human and material resources.

It should be emphasized that this is a company that originated in the mid-twentieth century, currently continuing with the second generation offspring, so it was a challenge to combine the premises and objectives of the founding generation with refreshing air of this new generation. To this end it was proposed to highlight certain elements of deeply rooted in the memory of the company, which deemed it appropriate to maintain and enhance ensuring a harmonious relationship with the new intervention.

Selecting a highlighted sector regarding historic period woodwork, design and proportions of the time history. The which are inserted with a new approach combining new materials and construction elements.


Project: Office Recycling – teleprinters
Location: Coast 1113 – Montevideo Uruguay
Year: 2003
Area: 835 m2